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Petition to Allow Marijuana Producers and Distributors to Pay Taxes


Whereas, the total value of the marijuana and marijuana-related products sold in the United States each year is estimated from 10 billion dollars to 70 billion dollars per year;

Whereas, the potential tax revenues on marijuana sales in the state of California are more than a billion dollars per year, and more than six billion dollars nationwide;

Whereas, tax revenues from marijuana are currently zero;

Whereas, sensibly regulated marijuana sales would reduce the foreign trade deficit by tens of billions of dollars and provide new jobs within the United States;

Whereas, the states of Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Montana, Maine, Vermont, and New Mexico have passed laws to allow the use of medical marijuana;

Whereas, states should be allowed to regulate access to marijuana for their own citizens similar to the way in which they regulate access for alcohol and tobacco;

Whereas, medical patients need safe, affordable, and reliable sources of medicine;

Whereas, there are no current standards for warning labels and cautionary information on medical marijuana, or any other kind of marijuana;

Whereas, the media has reported problems with unregulated marijuana dispensaries engaging in unethical actions which might be prevented by proper regulation;

Whereas, honest business owners providing a service to medical patients find it difficult to know the rules and laws which will allow them to fairly operate as honest businesses;

Whereas, every significant government commission that has studied the marijuana laws in the last 100 years has concluded that marijuana prohibition was based on ignorance and nonsense, that it does more harm than good, and that it should repealed and sensible regulations for the distribution and use of marijuana should be established;

Therefore be it resolved, that we call upon the California state and Federal governments to establish sensible regulations for the legal production and sale of marijuana within the United States

Therefore be it resolved, that we call upon the state and Federal governments to allow marijuana producers and sellers to follow the same laws and standards as any other business and to pay their fair and equal share of the appropriate taxes.

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